MyBiosa Probiotic Caps with Vitamin D3 and K2 - by Dr Reinwald

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  • MyBiosa Probiotic Caps with Vitamin D3 and K2 - by Dr Reinwald
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MyBiosa Probiotic Caps with Vitamin D3 and K2 - by Dr Reinwald Summary

MyBIOSA ® – For intestinal flora and immune system 

Probiotic yogurt cultures from MyBIOSA yogurt dry powder with chondroitin and the vitamins D3 and K2. 

Developed by Dr. Reinwald in Germany utilizing the same formula as in the Bravo Caps and enchanced by adding Colostrum, Vitamin D3, K2 and chondroitin(chondroitin acts as a prebiotic). 

MyBIOSA Yogurt dry powder boosts:

The normalization of the natural human microbiome
The intestinal fermentation with more than 40 probiotic cultures - some of them produce the enzymes ß-galactosidase and sialidase, which are so important for MAF activation
The supply of natural immune-stimulating antibodies from colostrum
The supply of synergistic substances chondroitin, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2

The gastric acid-resistant capsules protect the physiological bacterial cultures from gastric digestion and open up in the first section of the small intestine, the duodenum. As a result, the probiotic cultures reach directly into the microbiomes entry area and are therefore very effective.

Vitamin D contributes to a normal functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 contribute to maintaining normal bones.


Recommendation of use:

1 capsule per day with good quality water

Content of MyBIOSA ®

30 capsules (gastro-resistant) / 15 g, sufficient for 30 days.


MyBiosa yogurt dry powder (250mg) with yoghurt cultures (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, lactococci, enterococci and yeasts), chondroitin sulfate, capsule shell: hypromellose, menachinone MK-7 (vitamin K2), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), Colostrum

Nutritional Values:


1 capsule

Yogurt Bacteria


108 KBE



200 mg

Vitamin D

5000 I.E. ≈ 2500 %

125 μg

Vitamin K2

          267 %

200 μg

*NRV/RDA: *% of Recommended Daily Amounts; CFU: colony-forming units

Note: contains a fermented milk product with milk from cows.

Not suitable for people with anticoagulant drugs.


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