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Bravo Super Probiotic Concentrate - 40 Probiotic Strains Free Ship Summary

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Bravo Super Probiotic concentrate 30 capsules contains 40 essential probiotics to restore healthy gut function and digestion. 

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Bravo Europe has developed a new process to concentrate the beneficial properties of Bravo yogurt. Each bottle contains 30 capsules of Bravo concentrated yogurt. Suggested serving size is 1 capsule per day. One capsule of the concentrated Bravo yogurt provides most of the same benefits as 1/2 cup of Bravo Yogurt. 

The big difference between homemade Bravo Yogurt and Bravo Concentrate is the yogurt works to fully line the mucosa of the intestines, which helps leaky gut to restore proper digestion. If your body is unable to tolerate the yogurt, the concentrated Bravo capsules will also help restore proper digestion, just more gradually.

Note that unlike commercial fermented milk products that claim to stimulate the immune system and contain 2 to 6 microbial strains, Bravo contains more than 40 microbial strains! 

For a probiotic to perform its necessary function, it must naturally survive the stomachs harsh environment and arrive to the intestines alive. A true probiotic, designed by nature, is a species found in our environment, as well as in our digestive system. Over 95% of probiotic products in the marketplace today do not meet these criteria. Bravo provides an energetic capsule to insure complete delivery of probiotics.

The unique formulation of Bravo derives from the most recent research that demonstrates how much special fermented milk products and colostrum can be beneficial in maintaining health and how they can be included in a complementary natural nutritional approach. The original blend and the innovative procedure of preparation potentially allows the natural production of several powerful bio-active molecules such as lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and immunostimulant factors.

This special probiotic concentrate provides the essential support so that you can benefit more effectively from the healthy foods you are eating. Many people have found after only three months of use, they have experienced its many benefits by completely restoring healthy gut function. 

Because this natural supplement activates the immune system, some people experience minor side effects in the first 2 weeks. You may feel a swelling of lymph nodes, brief headaches and low energy while the immune system is busy working to support healthy function. You may also experience an allergic reaction that includes diarrhea constipation and a sensitive tongue. This often a die off of bad bacteria. Simply reduce the amount you are taking and slowly build up the amount.

If you are looking for immediate benefits, letting the capsule dissolve in the mouth is the just as powerful as enjoying 1/2 cup of Bravo yogurt. Simply open the capsule and swish the Bravo Concentrate in your mouth for 1 minute. This provides the best immediate support for brain function and immune support because its unique beneficial ingredients are fully absorbed through the mouth. Once saliva has increased, you can even gargle for 10 seconds.

If you are looking to repopulate the gut microbiome, you can swallow the capsule. If you want both benefits you can alternate with one day swallowing.

The standard homemade Bravo Yogurt is often too difficult for people to hold in their mouth for a full minute. One capsule of Bravo Concentrate provides the same benefit of holding a 1/2 cup of Bravo Yogurt in the mouth for a minute.

Some lactose intolerant people were unable to take Bravo Yogurt, but with the concentrated capsules, they can let them dissolve in their mouth for a minute or swallow the capsule. Using the capsule in this way prevents any negative reaction a person may have who has difficulty with dairy products or is lactose intolerant.

If you have serious gut problems, you should always consult a health professional. You can start with a quarter of the dose and gradually increase. The remaining dose in the capsule can be wrapped and stored in the refrigerator. 

Bravo Concentrate tastes great and is easy for children to hold in their mouth for a minute. As with Bravo Yogurt, children may require a quarter or half dose depending on their size.

The concentrated Bravo is manufactured as described below from Bravo Europe: The Swiss facility uses the Bravo powders of the standard Bravo yogurt kit to make the yogurt. Then, when the yogurt is well fermented, it is freeze dried in a special process to concentrate the yogurt into a powder ready to use. The powder is encapsulated in a gastro-resistant capsule containing 400 mg of concentrated Bravo yogurt.

The difference in comparison to the Bravo Yogurt is that Bravo Concentrate is a product ready to use. It does not require any preparation since it has already been prepared by the Swiss facility and put in a form which is easy to manage, whereby the liquid yogurt requires refrigeration and has a shorter expiration time. The Bravo concentrate capsules do not require refrigeration but refrigeration is ideal. The powders are very stable and can be shipped without any refrigeration. 

Note: MAF is a Vitamin D binding Protein. Consider adding Vitamin D3/K2 to enhance the effectiveness of Bravo Yogurt.

Bravo Probiotic Contains:

Standard dosage - 1 capsule per day.
Advanced dosage - 2 caps per day.

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Customer Reviews

9 review(s) posted (write review)
Gut relief 5 product stars
"Bowels are working much better, More regular" Sheila Rihm - 2/23/2018
Excellent product 5 product stars
"I learned in September of 2017 that I had lung cancer. My oncologist prescribed treatment was Alecensa (targeted drug therapy). But targeted drug therapy won't get RID of the cancer. So, I've also been doing some alternative things (ie. Essiac Tea, Vitamin C, organic vitamins and Bravo Probiotic). I just had my 3 month CAT scan/MRI and spot in brain is gone, cancer in lymph nodes has shrunk and tumor has shrunk by more than half!!!!! My oncologist said my results, for only being on meds 3 months, were better than most. So, I feel like I owe Bravo a big thanks for my wonderful results! Sincerely, Becky" Becky Baird - 2/23/2018
Only Probiotic that really worked 5 product stars
"I'm over 60 and have had gas and soft stool probably since high school when I was given high dose tetracycline. As you can imagine I have taken many different pro and pre-biotics over the years and eaten lots of yogurts and other fermented foods. None helped significantly. After two weeks on the freeze-dried Bravo I had no gass and normal formed stools which lasted for a month or until I was two weeks past the end of my supply. Recently I finally got a replacement batch!" Roger Barr - 2/23/2018
Complimenting GC-MAF with this product 5 product stars
"I have been taking this for a month now. I am beginning to see some differences in my digestion and hope to see changes in tumors soon. Here is to us all healing soon!" Nora Bburnham - 2/16/2018
Great Product 5 product stars
"I was diagnosed with Lung cancer stage 4. I've been taking this probitic for several months and I've been showing a lot of improvement. The tumor is dying from imside out. I'll continue taking it. Great product! My digestive system it's also working great." Ximena - 2/16/2018
These are so convenient! 5 product stars
"I make the bravo yogurt from the packets, but when I run out and can't make more right away or I'm traveling - these pills are so handy!" Kim - 2/14/2018
Great product! 5 product stars
"I have NSCLC and have been taking this to boost my immune system (and get thru flu season)! This product has done a great job! My last radiology reports were excellent (tumor has shrunk by more than half and all other cancer has in lymph nodes shrunk!!!!!" Becky - 2/14/2018
Highly recommended by everyone 5 product stars
"This has been highly recommended by our physician. We ve been using this daily and it really makes a big difference in gut healing." Luzel Tancinco - 2/14/2018
Amazing product 5 product stars
"I love this probiotic. Within a week of taking this, my nausea and bloating disappeared. After 3 weeks, I began falling asleep faster at night. I take this everyday." Kristie - 2/14/2018

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